R U S T I C   B A R   H I R E

O U T D O O R   B A R
The rustic trailer offers a complete bar service and is ideal for a large outdoor event. Whether it’s a marquee wedding, corporate event or sporting occasion the trailer offers something a little different for your guests.

I N D O O R   B A R
Our 3 meter stand-alone bar offers a premium service for primarily indoor events. The timber clad bar features an inbuilt draught system, bottle refrigeration and atmospheric lighting. Designed and built for any inside occasion.

K E G   T R O L L E Y   B A R   H I R E
You choose the keg and we arrive with the compact mini bar with everything needed for reliable and quick beer on tap. Enjoy pouring your own perfect pint anywhere with our Keg Trolley.

H O W   I T   W O R K S

W E   K E E P   I T   S I M P L E   A N D   O F F E R   T H R E E   P A C K A G E S:

H O S T S   P A Y
Guests are treated to a free bar, and the host pays the total tab at the end. Hosts will be asked to pay an agreed deposit two days in advance.

G U E S T S   P A Y
Guests purchase their own drinks as they would at a normal bar.

M I X E D   O P T I O N
Instead of the host paying for the total tab, an agreed sum of money can be put behind the bar, when this runs out we revert to the ‘guests pay’ option.


“Thank you Cockerels for all your help with the last shoot of the season - the bar was brilliant and created a great atmosphere! Thanks again and we’ll see you the same time next year"   Mel, Hampshire

“Great chaps to work with. They were professional  and delivered a fabulous bar service with our favourite drinks and a few local gins that were delicious. Thank you for making my birthday so memorable!"  Anna, Hampshire     

"The event was a huge success thanks to The Three Cockerels. Many guests commented on the fabulous bar and service. The guys kept everyone happy - including mocktails for the little ones! I should add that my wife and I had a pub for ten years and I'm pretty hard to please at a bar - three of my finest former staff were among the 100 guests and we were all impressed.” 
Colin & Julie, Hampshire

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you for helping make our day special and wonderful. We enjoyed it so much and cannot stop smiling today from such a great day! "  Michael & Karen, West Sussex

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for helping make our day special and wonderful. We

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